5 Steps for Building Your Company’s Brand

Scott O Hirsch

November 1, 2022

5 Steps for Building Your Company's Brand

Building your company’s brand is an investment in your business. It’s easy to overlook it, but it’s essential. Follow these five steps to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward. First, you can start with market research. After that, create a style guide. Next, use visual vocabulary and create a visual dictionary of your brand. This will help you avoid common mistakes and make your company stand out from the crowd.

Market research

Market research is a vital part of developing a marketing strategy. Not only will it help you determine your target audience’s preferences, but it will also help you understand how you stack up against your competitors. This can help you make better decisions about how to proceed in building your company’s brand. As competition is increasing, market research is more critical than ever. Your competitors are likely to conduct their research to gain an edge.

Market research is also crucial in new product development. It helps determine whether your product or service will appeal to a large enough market to justify the investment. This method will also help you avoid the risk of launching a product or service that does not meet your target audience’s needs.

Style guide

A style guide is an essential tool for building a company’s brand. It helps employees understand what the company stands for and the goals that it wants to reach. It can include your company’s mission statement, vision, and values. It also describes how you plan to communicate with your audience.

A style guide can include guidelines for photography and messaging, as well as colors and gradients. It can also have style preferences for typography, color schemes, and secondary fonts. Lastly, a style guide should include guidelines for using these elements in various marketing channels. A style guide may not be publicly available, but it should be shared with any publications using your company’s brand. This will help them create consistent and visually appealing content that will make your brand stand out from the crowd.

A style guide is an excellent tool for defining your company’s visual identity. It can contain concrete examples, specific notes, and regular feedback. It should be concise and easy to understand. You can use an online style guide or a printed one to communicate the guidelines to your designers.

Visual vocabulary

Using a visual vocabulary to build your company’s brand is a powerful marketing technique. It can make communicating with your audience faster, easier, and more emotional. It can also increase brand visibility, memorability, credibility, and more. Visual vocabulary can make it easier to create future marketing materials when done correctly.

You can use clues from your existing brand foundation materials and creative briefs to create a visual vocabulary. You can also use tools like Wordle to identify key descriptors or customer comments. Reviewing your current brand visuals will help you identify themes that can differentiate your brand visually from your competitors.


Credibility is an essential part of building your company’s brand. A strong reputation helps build trust and can help you build a solid online business. Whether an e-commerce store or a freelancer, you can earn trust by displaying a reliable brand. However, online security breaches have caused some people to lose faith in online businesses.

One of the most critical aspects of credibility is communicating effectively. You must express your vision, differentiators, and values. It is also crucial to carry this message through your marketing efforts. Additionally, credibility is built through everyday communication with your employees. This means having vital listening skills and keeping lines of communication open.


Developing a core set of brand values is vital to establishing your company’s identity. These values are the essence of your company and should be easily understood by all your employees. This will guide them in making decisions and ensure that your company’s message is consistent and well-supported. Additionally, having clearly defined brand values will help you attract better employees and customers. Furthermore, studies show that people who share the same values as a company are more likely to be engaged and invested in its success.

The most potent brand values respond to a current need in the marketplace. This means asking yourself what your customers already want from your brand. Next, ask your customers what they associate with your company and use this information to create a brand value that addresses those needs.